OTA gateway solution for MVNO

IFF OTA is a system that provides the functions required to manage SIM configurations using Over-The-Air messages over SMS.

It provides front-end, back-end and gateway functions to build SIM, update campaigns and run them over a mobile network. IFF OTA is a proprietary OTA server which is fully implemented in software and developed for operators of all sizes in any market and in any location.


Features and OTA platform benefits

Updates files on SIM via the standard RFM (Remote File Manager) application.
Installs or updates Javacard applets via RAM (Remote Application Manager) application.
Signs with OTA keys and deliver prebuilt OTA data from other proprietary programs for custom applications.
Builds OTA campaigns to update a large number of SIMs over time.
Open web JSON API for OTA submission, configuration and control – that also allows customization and integration with other tools.
Campaign building and management using YateMMI, a Web-based interface.

Web based profile scan and edit SIM cards inserted in a local or remote card reader.
Fully implemented in software, can be run in a virtual machine in a datacenter facility or in cloud.
Low deployment and per-subscriber cost.
Uses SS7 MAP/SIGTRAN or SMPP interfaces to SMSC, optional JSON API to YateSMSC.
Monitoring via SNMP, Zabbix or JSON API.