MVNO platform Cryptocoin solution

First Hybrid of GSM MVNO platform that is is already up and runing in 160 countrys in the world and have own crypto coin

PreSale Ends and & Mining Start In:

Softcap Completed

Coin Algorithm X11

Coins In PreSale: 14,000,000.00

PreSale 2 Price: £10


No Minimum purchase.

MVNO Platform for business Customers

Set own mobile network, mvno, create B2B, B2C and M2M packages,control the entire group of your own subscribers, create your own price plans


Project Benefits

Become an independent MVNO operator, create and serve your own GSM network that can be scalable from 10 to 100,000 subscribers with the ability to earn on their own customers. Owing our cryptocurrency will guarantee you having IFF cash card

Send/Receive with Wallet

Stable cryptocurrency based on X11 algorithm with own blockchain and mining pool, 6 confirmations to confirm a transaction that backed up with proof of work


Minimum purchase is 1 Coins.


1,000, 000, 00

1 COIN = 10 GBP

10 COIN = 1 month unlimited calls


We have no Minimum purchase. Minimum Order is 1 coin

How it works:

  • Our platform is a hybrid of the cloud-based VoIP telephony and GSM technology. Our rogue agreements allow the use of exclusive agreements and direct contracts with various traffic providers;
  • Using the call-back server system, we further reduce the traffic costs. Our applets in the SIM-cards make possible to automate various functions;
  • Our company is focused on corporate customers and provides wide opportunities for infrastructure integration and the ability to use internal numbers for free messages and cheap phone calls
Thus, the optimal value and capitalization of the coin will be maintained. Master-nod, that is, the main nodes, will be stored on a cloud ready server of the developer. The own digital asset will allow to reduce the communication cost in roaming, that is, removing one of the most pressing problems in modern telecommunications.


Minimum purchase is 1 Coin. Buy now to get a free sim cards drow

Company Re-Foramation

Conducting pre-ico. Start financing the work. Blockchain Development. IFF sim distribution

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Jan 01st, 2019

End pre Ico sale.

Opening mining pool.Installing more cloud Nodes and PBX's. Finalizing development of client panel. First Claims of MVNO partner.

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June 01st, 2019

IFF restructurisation

New Sim Card Profile. eSIM or eUICC

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October 1st, 2019

Implimenting Seconds

IFF Coin will increase price of IFF Coin and decentralize all airtime and implementing in to all company partners

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Jan 2st, 2020

Banking implimentation

Global recondition in on all cryptocurrency platforms , integration with banking payment system.

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April- December 2020