White Label Secure Messenger


White Label Secure Messenger ex CYBER COMMUNICATION CLIENT PROTOCOL (CCCP) use Double Ratchet Algorithm “to provide multi-end to multi-end encryption, allowing messages to be synchronized securely across multiple clients, even if some of them are offline”. The name “OMEMO” is a recursive acronym for “OMEMO Multi-End Message and Object Encryption”. Messenger have a burning timer and singe use password.
OMEMO encryption in group chat session enhancing privacy and security
OMEMO Media File Sharing for all files including Stickers, Bitmoji and Emoji rich contents
Support both voice and video call with ZRTP )encryption modes
ZRTP crypto algorithms uses SHA-2 384, 256bit ciphers AES256 & TWOFISH-256, enabling elliptic with Curve 25519 , and SDES encryption with AES256 and AES192, acceleration using OpenSSL
Multi-language UI support
This product will include

Own Branded Secure Messenger
Free DDOS protection
Personal Support
1 year Hosting
Free support
Own branded secure messenger application
Offshore anonymous secure hosting
Own domain
Administration Panel to manage and create users
Software updates
Server maintenance
Brute Force Protection (by locking the user account on the server)
Remote Wipe
Camouflage (hidden as calculator)
End-to-end Encryption
Screenshot protection
Free 24/7 Technical Support
Ability to create one’s own activation term 3/6/12 month
Easy renewal
Create Tariffs for Groups
Online Delivery
Possibility to create own camouflage

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